Process & Materials

Our work is influenced by the sketchbooks belonging to Amanda Sumpter (Ben’s Mum) that contain her early abstract work from the 1990’s which we manipulate and translate through stitch. This methodology is utilised throughout all our mediums from tufting to painting, abstracting from is crucial to our process.

Inspiration behind twofolde's tufted homewares originating from Amanda Sumpter's abstract work to create contemporary art cushions and wall art

Our wool tufting yarn is hand selected from a yarn supplier that specialises in large scale industry dead-stock. Once sourced we tuft this material into a backing cloth with a loop pile tufting gun.

Once complete we fix the pile with adhesive and remove from the tufting frame.

For the cushions:

After lining the tuft with organic cotton we apply our cushion backing made from dead-stock irish linen purchased from a small vintage market behind our studio. Lastly we insert our oeko-tex certified organic cotton cushion inner and the homeware is complete.

For the wall hangings:

After removing the tuft from the frame we apply a backing made from vintage Witney wool blankets. The artwork is complete with a wooden dowel slotted through stitched loops on the back of the textile hanging.

For the collage linen pieces:

For our collage linen appliqué wall art and cushions, we develop our shapes and motifs in the same way before cutting them out of the fabric and using a black fluid stitch line to fuse the two layers. 
As well as binding the two layers, we also use the stitch lines to emulate hand drawn pencil and charcoal line from Ben's Mum's work in the 1990s as well as our own design work. 

Hand finishing of twofolde tufted cushions and homeware in Brighton the UK. Alongside it is a process image of the hand made tufting process to create the abstract art pieces.